Angeline Johnson


this strap stays along

my thigh, as it move forward

then relaxes some

with its partner’s turn:

reminds me where my nerves are

my thighs are, hips are

each step, each pace does

everything becomes conscious

maybe insistent

acting in concert

architecturally, with

the shoulder straps, too –

straight through the boning

I’ve now a second system

acting with sinew

Second, external

suspension holds me firmly

constantly, feedback

Reminders, all ’round:

breasts held in place, back arched some,

little slower gait

Not for everyone

Not for everyday, either

Naught but few notice


Do you want to see?

Or do you want to be seen?

If only by me?

What you seek to see –

Me, or my encouragement,


Witness frothy bits

Modeled for you, seated there?

Enticing image?

Do you seek more, yet?

Waxing interest in you?

Do you want to touch?


Lingerie is one

form of interface, between

two integuments

And, also, between

male eyes, female neural net:

different sensors

Both efficient, but

often poor relay between.

Lace overcomes this.

She wants to be touched

he wants to see her body:

compatible, yes!

woman, let him see,

invite his gaze: soon, he will —

he’ll learn sight by touch

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