Mark Meyer

Blue Cat Nightlight



As parents sleep at the end of the endless house

little boy blue, far away, dreams deeply

Across the room, aglow, the baby-blue

kitten lamp sits and keeps a sentinel’s vigil

Her elliptical eyes, shrewdly narrowed

never closing, always sharp, seem sinister

A spade-shaped tongue, carmine-tipped china,

protrudes mischievously from the coy mouth

Nightlight streams from the bone-white ball,

stuck between awkwardly raised chubby paws,

into her plump blue porcelain belly


Cold lamplight, diaphanous blue-white,

fans out through shadows, exploring

bedroom corners, crawling over dark floor

and ceiling to crib, seeks closed eyelids,

deftly invading the sleepy realm

A pale radiance reaches further into the night

beyond thickened plaster of bedroom walls,

evanescent, entangling itself into time


Freezing shivers under the wavering light

Violet-tinged nightmarish aftermath of fevered

delirium in the sickbed, the crimson ghosts,

phosphorescent screeches and wildly

dancing wee sprites finally relent and disband

Wide-awake alone, watching the lamp perched

high up on her ledge, she offers such a dismal light

Her cold company brings scant protection

from what a long night conceals


So soon a nightlight becomes a useless curio,

banished to an old tattered leather suitcase,

forsaken with the ephemera of childhood

Tethered in its own frayed cords, she

slept six decades with the soured yellow

of old photos in musty indigo satin darkness

Gathering spidery craquelure of age

over her fine blue feline ceramic skin, she

bears the filagree of long confinement

With maturity, wizened and strangely

transfigured to become more cat than kitten


Sitting serenely among the clutter, a blue lamp

glows atop a dusty makeshift bookshelf

Warm golden light flows from the cat

into the darkness of another room

Kaleidoscopic figures flicker with the

shadows dancing on bedroom walls

Visions sift into the sleep of an older man

conjuring an older man’s dream

Slowly the form of a blue kitten appears,

smiling now so tame and benign

Then soon come the youthful glowing faces

of his father and mother






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